Lego Kemp Mullaney


It all started with a college case study on the original Palm Pilot during my senior year. After studying the design and use of the product I knew that the mobile space was where I wanted to work. 

Fast forward to today and I have over 17 years of experience working in technology with a strong emphasis on mobile and web solutions. I'm happiest working with start-ups and small companies that produce software (applications or SaaS.) 


During the summer months I spend a lot of time camping throughout Northern California. In the winters I love to ski, but recently haven't been able to go as frequently as I would like. 

I am a professed Apple fan and enjoy trying new software and applications to see how they can improve my work processes and how I live.  

My inner geek loves Star Wars, Lego and just about anything else kids in the 80's liked. 
R2-D2 Kemp Mullaney
Laura and Kemp Mullaney


While most of my family is on the East Coast, San Francisco is my home. By chance I settled in Noe Valley over 13 years ago and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. 

I am engaged to a wonderful woman, Laura, and we plan on getting married in the coming months. 
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